Who We Are

AIC Global Communications Inc. is a global telephony company that has been operating out of Vancouver, Canada since 1992. We provide a wide range of telephony products and services outside of our AIC Home Telephone Service (Broadband) to meet your needs. For more information on our company please visit our online corporate headquarters at:

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide reliable and user friendly communication tools that you can master in no time at all. We aim to help you communicate with your friends, family, and colleagues more flexibly, cost effectively, and with higher line quality than anyone in the business.

  • Reliable
  • User Friendly
  • Flexible
  • Cost Effective
  • Easily Accessible

"The best service for
calling your friends,
family, and colleagues!"


AIC Milestone

AIC Formed 1992
Retail Centres Built 1993
AIC Telecom Ltd. in HK 1994
AIC UK opened in London 1997
AIC Taiwan Formed 1998
AIC Greater China Alliance 1999
Nationwide Service 1999
AIC ADSL Internet 2000
AIC & Bell Mobility Inc. Partnership 2003
iBuzz Launched 2004
AIC Online Presence Re-Launch 2006
WebBuzzIO Launch 2006

AIC is the first CRTC approved Long Distance Telecommunications Company operated by ethnic Canadians in British Columbia, Canada.

AIC opened its first customer service center at Aberdeen Center Mall, a strategic location in Richmond, BC with a strong presence of the Chinese Community. Same year AIC opened its second Customer Services Center in Metrotown Mall Burnaby, BC & AIC (ONT) is formed to provide complete Telecom services in Eastern Canada.

AIC Telecom Ltd formed in HK.
AIC implemented Equal Ease of Access and became an Inter-exchange Carrier providing Equal Access 1+ and 011 dialing for all customers in BC, Canada

To further develop our ethnic presence in Western & Eastern Canada, AIC Direct Sales Division was formed.
Global Calling post paid service – Direct-dialed from over 45 Countries & Rechargeable Debit Card was launched.

AIC utilized multiple direct DS1 links to dual internet Network Access points for its new Dial-up Internet Access Service. The first ever Long Distance/Internet Bundle service was launched.

AIC relinquished all of its share holdings in AIC Telecom Ltd. in Hong Kong & refocused its network expansion activities in Europe.

AIC UK obtained a ISVR license from OFTEL, AIC UK was officially opened in London.
With the FCC 214 license, AIC USA was formed, the switch operation in LA, USA became the major North America gateway.

Enhanced AICOMpro Internet Service, Beepro Paging service & Cellpro Digital Cellular Service along with the reliable & high quality LD service – AIC became the one stop Telecommunication Center.

AIC Taiwan was formed with a class 2 carrier license to provide Value Added Service from Canada to Taiwan.

AIC announced the successful application of an ISR license from OFTA in Hong Kong, direct Long Distance traffic termination into Hong Kong

AIC Canada (HK) Ltd., AIC Greater China Strategic Alliance, was officially in operation to establish its own Point of Presence.

AIC Calgary Customer Service Center was opened in the heart of downtown Calgary.

AIC obtained a Class A license for its BC operation and two Class B licenses for its Ontario & Alberta operations from CRTC.
A special Type 2 license was awarded to AIC Japan by the Japanese MPT for operating ISR voice & data services between Japan & international ISR destinations.

FUNFUN2.COM was launched, the First Chinese Entertainment & Lifestyle Audio & Visual Webcast Website in North America.

AIC ADSL GO High Speed Internet was one of the first high-speed internet services provider available in BC, Canada.

AIC officially became a subsidiary of a publicly listed company in Hong Kong.
AIC ISG, Internet Solution Group, a special division which focuses on developing and providing Business eSolutions, Internet Data Centers, Global Communications and VOIP technology.
Fiber connectivity to AIC Vancouver & Toronto gateways was installed.

AIC celebrated its 10th Anniversary with a wide range of promotions across the nation.

FUNFUN2.COM became AIC's 24 hour Customer Service Online center with daily hits over 50 thousands across Canada

AIC and Bell Nexxia, a Canadian Strategic alliance, announced that AIC Canada
EQA Direct Dial Service provides the best 24/7 Long Distance calling rate from coast to coast to Canadian residential customers.

The AIC Richmond BC Customer Service Center was relocated to Lansdowne Center.

AIC Edmonton was launched.

The first Summer Phone CARd campaign was launched – The highlight of this year was the Honda Civic giveaway.

AIC launched a series of pre-paid calling cards – Hong Kong Direct, China
Talkathon & Canada Talkathon. AIC is developing its own pre-paid
calling card distribution network across the nation.

Fully automated 24/7 online calling card E-Shop was officially launched.

AIC & Bell Mobility Inc., the leading wireless service provider in Canada, announced the first long distance & mobility bundle in Canada's digital wireless industry. All Bell Mobility customers are provided with instant access to AIC long distance services virtually anywhere in Canada through a unique #3388 access code.

AIC started expanding into the wholesale & carrier service business sector.

The second AIC Summer Phone CARd campaign was launched – The highlight of this year was the Audi A4 giveaway.

Paperless electronic billing “E-Billing” was introduced as a standard option to all subscription based customers.

For customers who like to stay in touch all the time while traveling, AIC developed a new “Follow Me” Service that enables customers to forward their Canadian telephone number to their destination number, from anywhere in the world.

AIC celebrates its 12th Anniversary in providing world class global telecommunications service to its continual expanding customer base.

AIC iBUZZ launched nationally throughout Canada. A broadband local line service that provides a personal telephone number that migrates with you wherever you go.

AIC Summer Phone CARd campaign has entered its third year – Highlights include the grand prize draw of the Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible or Jetta GLS.

AIC WebBUZZ launched nationally. This simple, convenient, and cost-saving service facilitates VOIP calls, from anywhere to everywhere, from your PC or laptop to any landline or mobile phone in the world.


AIC celebrates its 13th Anniversary in providing world-class global telecommunications service to its continual expanding customer base.

Overseas Based Global VoIP services launched across Canada. A broadband phone service that provides a Hong Kong local telephone number that allows the end user to unlimited call Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and/or all three destination.

AIC became the first Asian Telecom Company that provides Traditional Local Telephone service across Canada.


Overseas Based Global VoIP services expanded its local telephone number selection to China.

AIC Richmond BC Customer Service Center was relocated to the newly established AIC VoIP Local and International Telephone Service Center at the heart of the Richmond business area on No.3 Road.

AIC lucky draw. Four round trip tickets giveaway

The first Local Telephone Number portability was successfully completed for Vancouver, BC


AIC introduced data and voice services through services bundle package comprising of 3M ADSL service with Local Telephone service for the residential market across Canada.

The new Burnaby AIC VoIP Sales Center has opened for business at the Crystal Mall in Burnaby, BC

Calgary AIC VoIP Sales Center has opened for business to serve customers in the province of Alberta.

Local Telephone Number portability footprint was extended to Calgary; Edmonton and Toronto


Toronto AIC VoIP Sales Center has opened its door to serve customers in the metropolitan Toronto areas.

New AIC platforms were setup at new location in downtown Vancouver, BC. Backup Data center was established at new location in Richmond.

AIC Network and Technology have completely migrated to softswitches and Cisco networking equipment, enabling VoIP services riding on digital backbone network nationally and internationally.

AIC established its Vietnamese market with in language customer sales and services.

The first large scale business telephone service deployment based on VoIP with 600 lines was successfully completed for the University of British Columbia, in BC Canada.